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The Whole Self Issue October 2022

I'll go first: Prioritizing mental health at TestBox

I'll go first: Prioritizing mental health at TestBox

The Food and Drink Issue

Issue 4 About this Issue

Nourishing connection is at the heart of these businesses innovating in the food and beverage industry.

Maybe we obsess a bit more than your average editorial team about our next meal, but when we started talking about creating an issue of In the Works that would feature founders building businesses around food and drink, we got really excited.

The list of ideas from our first brainstorm was long — and we knew we had to narrow our focus. As we began to hone the list, a common motivation emerged among the founders and topics we felt drawn to: connection. 

You’ll see that through line as you read and listen to the stories we landed on to anchor this issue.

We’re highlighting values-driven founders who are as much focused on nourishing their communities as they are on feeding the growth of their businesses.

And, we’ve rounded out the content to include Growth and Snack content that is similarly all about bringing people together, with tactical tips for creating positive change and building community as you grow.

Jasmine Crowe, the founder and CEO of Goodr, embodies the spirit of this issue. After observing the impact of food insecurity in her city, she took her passion for feeding people in need and doubled down on the opportunity to make change by building a waste management platform that redistributes surplus food to those who need it most. 

My interview with Jasmine left me inspired and hopeful. I spoke with her during what was clearly a busy day, with the noise and bustle of the Goodr HQ in the background, but her steady focus on the big problems she’s working to solve every day was powerful and present. I was struck by her passion and her pragmatism — this is a founder whose values are matched with a drive to build a sustainable business that will create lasting change.

The commitment to make a positive impact in their communities shines forth in all the founders we’re featuring in the issue.

From the three founders profiled in Brewing a better beer industry, who are elevating underrepresented voices in the beer space, to the founder of Folk Detroit (and the subject of our first-ever photo story), who created a community hub in Detroit’s oldest neighborhood — these stories reflect the power of food and drink to bring people together.

And there’s no doubt about the focus on connection in Real Quick this time around. The voices you’ll hear in these episodes are those of founders who are navigating real challenges and growing communities for the long-term. You'll hear their love for what they do and also the grit it takes to work through frustration and fatigue. This is the real stuff of building and growing.

Through all the content we’re offering up in this final issue of 2021 — featuring founders from south Italy to Los Angeles — we’re grateful to have the opportunity to share stories that shine a light on those who are driven not just to build and scale, but to connect and support. I can’t wait for you to dig in and get to know these folks and the businesses they’re building. 

Wishing you all a happy and restful new year. See you in 2022!

Diana Price, Content Writer

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Build where you are: An inside look at Folk Detroit

Build where you are: An inside look at Folk Detroit

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