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The Community Issue August 2021

For women founders and funders, there's power in community

For women founders and funders, there's power in community


How do you make money, though?

A compilation of the questions and comments we could do without

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Founding a company is already tough work, so why is it that just a few small words can make it feel even tougher?

Some questions and comments that repeatedly pop up have the power to bring founders to their wits’ end. Whether it comes from a skeptical family member who expects failure from the start, a chronic mansplainer with unconscious bias, or someone whose ideas of entrepreneurship are all based on TV and movies, we’re sure you’ve heard (and cringed at) it all.

So we thought: Why not take some of our least favorite, accidentally condescending questions and comments... and turn them into something beautiful? That’s exactly what Camellia Neri did. Take a look.

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my first quarter goal:to keep this whole thing goingand get some more sleep

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