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The Whole Self Issue October 2022

I'll go first: Prioritizing mental health at TestBox

I'll go first: Prioritizing mental health at TestBox

What's In the Works?

In the Works is a brand new publication for mission-driven small businesses and founders who want to stay true to their values at every turn.


Growing a business is challenging, messy work that’s never quite done. We get it. We also get that “success stories” don’t look or sound the same to every founder. Our goal is to empower you with the community and the tools you need to build toward your version of success and to grow in your own way — with purpose and intention.

We want to help you learn alongside other founders, be inspired, grow resiliently, build teams with integrity, and enjoy the journey (even when it’s kind of a mess).

Each issue of In the Works will feature fresh, new content in the form of founder stories, growth articles, audio interviews, and videos.

This is a place for curious, thoughtful, mission-driven leaders.

There’s a gap in the kinds of content getting published for founders right now, and we’re aiming to fill it with a much wider, more inclusive representation of voices and experiences.

We seek to represent the founders and small businesses who want to do something really well before doing something really big, those with unexpected backstories or atypical paths, and the ones who prioritize authenticity over hyper-growth.

If you’re tired of lofty, pretentious language riddled with jargon and assumptions about who a “founder” is or should be, we made this for you. Whether you have two minutes or two hours — and whether you want to read, watch, or listen — we hope you’ll find something useful and/or inspiring here.

Powered by Help Scout

For over a decade, Help Scout has been making software that helps more than 12,000 small businesses talk with their customers. We’re a remote first company with 110 employees working from 80+ cities all over the world, and we’ve staked our reputation on being helpful, being human, and existing for profit and purpose.

Help Scout was founded on the principle that there’s a more socially conscious and intentional way of doing business — that it’s possible to be successful while doing right by your community, the environment, and society at large. And we knew there were plenty of other founders and small businesses who felt the same way, too.

In early 2021, a small but mighty team within Help Scout started researching, writing, designing, and building In the Works. Our goal was to forge even deeper relationships with small business leaders beyond offering customer service software and expertise. Our hope is to be a trusted partner to mission-driven founders as they grow their companies with care.

Let us know what you think of In the Works! Drop us a note to say hi.

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Radical self-honesty is Connie Matisse’s superpower

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Empowering kids and teens with financial education

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