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I'll go first: Prioritizing mental health at TestBox

I'll go first: Prioritizing mental health at TestBox

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Transparency with Kelley Cambry

Kelley Cambry

Growing up in a family of entrepreneurs, Kelley Cambry learned at a young age that being open and honest is instrumental in building a business. In this episode, Kelley covers how her transparent leadership style at Blue Studios encourages the team to be the best versions of themselves.

Must-listen moments:

3:02 — How do you lead with transparency?

“For me, transparent leadership is really about setting expectations and communicating on an ongoing basis. It’s not about setting a ton of meetings just for meetings’ sake and going through the motions. It’s not about micromanaging your team. It's, more importantly, about surrounding yourself with super smart people who can really bring their whole selves to the table — who can bring their creativity and bring their special talents to make something better. And for those really creative and talented people, they expect transparent leadership. For me, it’s about creating an environment where transparency can be fostered and we can just let great people do their thing.”

4:53 — Staying transparent means thinking ahead

“As a leader, you really have a responsibility to think several steps ahead. So not only are you thinking about the short term, but you’re also thinking about the long term at the same time — which is super challenging, and why not everyone is a leader.”

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