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The Authenticity Issue October 2021

Uncommon Goods strives for better, not bigger

Uncommon Goods strives for better, not bigger

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Consistency with Dave Bolotsky

Dave Bolotsky

Dave Bolotsky has kept a few things consistent throughout his life and career: a strong set of values, a commitment to his community, and a frugal lifestyle to name a few. In this episode, Dave talks about the role consistency has played in his personal life and his decades-long founder journey and how it helped him grow Uncommon Goods and gain credibility with partners.

Must-listen moments:

0:47 — On a mission from day one

“We've been mission-driven since the beginning, with a focus on both doing well and doing good while we achieve our financial goals. So we've always had a triple bottom line, and we’re very focused on our impact on people and the planet as well as profit. The business is a retailer of creative design. We sell from a lot of independent makers and often we're their biggest retailer out there. We connect those makers with shoppers who want to express their individuality.”

5:15 — Living a modest lifestyle

“I've lived [in the same apartment] for 36 years and it’s allowed me to save money. I haven't bought a second home. Don't have a fancy car. I have a modest lifestyle. And that's something that enabled me to start the business at the age of 36 and not take a salary for six years and be able to loan the business money. I sort of lived like a college student while having a fair amount of savings.”

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