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Building a customer-oriented ecommerce business through better human interaction

Building a customer-oriented ecommerce business through better human interaction

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Building a worldwide gluten-free community

Jen Cafferty

Jen Cafferty, founder and CEO of Nourished Group, knows well that community creates an essential support mechanism. After founding the first consumer gluten-free event 15 years ago, she has gone on to build online and in-person events for the community, as well as the Find Me Gluten Free app. In this episode, Izzy speaks with Jen about the founder’s passion for solving problems and how she has navigated the challenges of the pandemic.

Must-listen moments:

2:22 —  Pivoting an in-person community to virtual

“We were going to go bankrupt — we really were. And I wasn’t as concerned about the business as I was about the fact that we serve this massive community, and it took forever to build that up. But I pivoted and started a new company, Showmetry, a virtual and hybrid event company.” 

3:00 — Expanding the community through the pandemic

“I think one of the neatest things about the community we’re building in [our online and hybrid events] is that, in person, our gluten-free events would get 2,000 to 5,000 — a maximum of 8,000 — people in attendance. Online we had over 100,000 people per show.”

6:15 — Jen’s definition of community

“Community to me is the people and resources around you that you don't even know care about you but are there when you need them.”

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