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The Change of Plans Issue September 2021

There's no going back to normal

There's no going back to normal

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Alejandra Fernandez on fighting perfection

Alejandra Fernandez

While in medical school in the Dominican Republic, Alejandra had an idea. To bring it to life, she left everything she knew and moved to Paris to build FlyWallet in one of the largest startup incubators in the world.

In this episode, she chats with Izzy about staying humble, recognizing that not everything will be perfect right away, and how she’s responded to wake-up calls along the way.

Must-listen moments:

1:58 — Your product is going to be ugly 

“You just gotta put it out there. Your product is going to be ugly in the beginning — but is it providing value?”

2:49 — Humbling yourself as a creator

“First: Let's get our core value out there. Let's get people using that, then see what they say and what they ask for. You kind of, as a creator, have to humble yourself. I can build everything I think is going to be the perfect product. Or I can talk to people, see what they think about what I've already got out and what they want me to build.”

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