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I'll go first: Prioritizing mental health at TestBox

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Brantly Fulton on the importance of due diligence

Brantly Fulton

When a potential business partner ghosted him, materials chemist Brantly Fulton of Lamar Global didn’t let that stop him. In this episode of Real Quick, he shares what that experience taught him and how it helped him push his company forward to continue fixing gaps in the supply chain.

Must-listen moments:

0:40 — The mission behind Lamar

“We really wanted to tap into this basic question of how do we make sure that the best goods get to communities of color if we don’t have access or ability to control the supply chain?”

2:42 — The importance of credibility in entrepreneurship

“As an entrepreneur, your credibility rests and rides on the partners that you're doing business with, the people that you're trying to bring into the room to help leverage or even secure deals with investors.”

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