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The Food and Drink Issue December 2021

Build where you are: An inside look at Folk Detroit

Build where you are: An inside look at Folk Detroit

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Creating cookbooks for people living with chronic disease


When a friend was diagnosed with an autoimmune disorder and presented with a long list of foods to avoid, cookbook editor Shaun Chavis thought there had to be a different way to approach planning a nutritious, customized diet. In this episode, she talks to Izzy about the journey of building her company, LVNGbook, created to serve folks with unique dietary needs, the “why” that drives her business, and the community she hopes it will serve for generations to come.

Must-listen moments:

1:53 — The roller coaster of adjusting eating habits

“In our research, it takes people about a year to succeed at changing their diet. We want to ultimately be there for people during that time frame.”

3:43 — On bootstrapping and growing her team

“I have received some support, but so far I’m still bootstrapping. And we’re merging print with technology in a new way, so our team, as we were building it, had to learn from one another — the tech people had to learn about print and the print people had to learn to talk tech.”

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