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Building a customer-oriented ecommerce business through better human interaction

Building a customer-oriented ecommerce business through better human interaction

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Empowering kids and teens with financial education

Tanya Van Court

What do you do with over $1 million in company shares? Without the right financial education, Tanya Van Court learned the hard way and saw the value of her shares shrink to just $20K overnight. What she did next would define her future: She committed to educating herself and developing a path to help kids and families empower themselves through prioritizing financial literacy.

In this episode of Real Quick, Tanya joins Izzy to talk about the founding story of Goalsetter, the opportunity of generational wealth, and her experience as a Black woman building in fintech. 

Must-listen moments:

1:58 —  Why she’s building

“I'm chasing the dreams of every single kid and every single mother and father in America who wants their child of color to have a real opportunity for the American dream.”

7:06 — Losing $1 million 

“That $1 million dollars went down to about $20,000 in one day. I kept staring at my computer, thinking, Wait a minute, what goes up must come down, but does it work the other way, too? What goes down is going to go back up, right? But it wasn't going back up, and it never did, and so I lost all that money overnight.”

9:30 — Advice from a friend about persevering

“She said, ‘Tanya, listen, we all knew that it was going to be this hard. You knew it was going to be this hard, but what are you going to do, quit? You’re not. Because you’re not a quitter, and you’re not going to quit on those kids who you started this company to save.’”

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