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Build where you are: An inside look at Folk Detroit

Build where you are: An inside look at Folk Detroit

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Quinnton Harris on prioritizing what matters

Quinnton Harris

Although Quinnton Harris of Retrospect is still in the beginning stages of a long entrepreneurial journey, he’s already learned a few important lessons about spending time and energy on the right priorities.

In this episode, Quinnton opens up about the grind of entrepreneurship, overreacting to the wrong things, and the importance of the interpersonal relationships you build while growing a business. 

Must-listen moments:

2:37 — Learning from an overreaction

“I remember being completely devastated when a service agreement went out and it didn’t have our logo on it in the right way. As I'm shifting into this role as a CEO, the things that I used to care about — I have to let them go, because I have to care about so many other things.”

4:00 — Vulnerability as a founder

“When you’re building something, you’re putting your heart and your soul into it. There’s a level of vulnerability that you have to show up with every day. You have to live exposed and open every day.”

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