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I'll go first: Prioritizing mental health at TestBox

I'll go first: Prioritizing mental health at TestBox

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Khalif El-Amin teaches new founders about self-care

Khalif El-Amin

When taking over the family business didn’t work out, Khalif El-Amin didn’t let that stop him. In this episode, Khalif talks about the importance of surrounding yourself with positive influences, what self-care means to him, and the steps they’re taking at his organization, Young Enterprising Society, to ensure that the next generation of entrepreneurs puts their needs first. 

Must-listen moments:

2:01 — What does self-care look like to you?

“Just unplugging and putting the phone on DND and just being present in the moment.”

2:50 — What Khalif is teaching the next generation

“We actually incorporate mental health training within our sessions. So, we have people come in and talk about their mental health and taking care of themselves. Because, you know, especially when you're first starting up, you have that adrenaline going, you're getting that momentum and gaining that traction and then you look up and you're like: Dang, all this time just passed. I don't even remember what I really did.”

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