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The Change of Plans Issue September 2021

There's no going back to normal

There's no going back to normal

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Naza Shelley talks about dating and mental health

Real Quick-Ep Art- Naza Shelley

Instead of continuing to swipe left, Naza Shelley took matters into her own hands and created a video-based dating app, CarpeDM, to meet the dating needs of professional Black women. In this episode, Naza talks about the importance of “me” time, how she plans for self-care, and the impact dating has on mental health.

Must-listen moments:

1:10 — How do you prioritize self-care?

“For me, I am addicted to my calendar on my phone. And so I plan my self-care — whether that's ensuring that I carve out time to go to the gym or that I have my bi-weekly or monthly massages."

4:36 — Mental health and dating

“I'm an advocate of turning off the dating apps if you need a break from dating. I'm an advocate of being real with people when you're on dating apps, within certain bounds. And all of that, I think, can improve your overall dating experience. There's definitely a connection between online dating and self-care.”

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