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The Ecommerce Issue September 2023

Building a customer-oriented ecommerce business through better human interaction

Building a customer-oriented ecommerce business through better human interaction

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Five daily tools for founders

Hear from founders featured in this issue about the practical and personal tools they use each day.

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When you think about the flow of your day as a founder — the routines and pit stops, the practical objects and personal moments that keep you going — what comes to mind? What are the must-dos and must-haves in your daily life? 

Those are the questions we wanted to ask each of the founders we interviewed for this issue of In the Works. We wanted to know the essential tools — objects, practices, or systems — that keep them moving forward. Enjoy the answers below, and be sure to subscribe for more inside intel from future featured founders!

What is one tool — app, kitchen utensil, fitness gadget, wellness practice — you use each day that helps you live and lead effectively?

This may not seem like a “tool,” but I do feel that it’s pretty essential to my wellbeing: my house plants. I have four big plants in my office, and their beauty brings me joy. Even if I am stuck inside all day, I still feel close to nature, which is really important to me. Taking care of the plants is also a good reminder to tend to my own needs. 

- Sam Senior, co-founder and CEO at TestBox

Morning prayer is my tool. It calibrates my mind for the rest of the day to be focused on the people around me and to remember that I can't do it all myself. 

- Robert Feeney, co-founder and CEO at Ringorang

Two things I cannot get through the day without: coffee (but it really does have to be a good one) and a cuddle from my family, which helps me feel grounded.

- Kim Palmer, founder and CEO at Clementine

I use Speechify (a text-to-speech reader) every day to listen to articles, books, emails, reports, and anything else I need to listen to on the go.

- Kevin Dedner, founder and CEO at Hurdle

That's an easy answer: TeuxDeux, the to-do app I created in 2011. It keeps me sane. Gets everything out of my head and makes sure I don't forget anything. 

- Tina Roth Eisenberg, founder and CEO at CreativeMornings

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